Car Accident Lawyers in Fort Worth


A car accident can be a traumatic event that leaves you with severe physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Fortunately, the Fort Worth car accident lawyers at Zinda Law Group are here to ensure you won’t have to face this difficult time alone.

As a car accident victim, you shouldn’t be stuck paying the price for another driver’s negligence. Our experienced car accident attorneys will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. And as one of our clients, you will pay nothing unless we win your case.

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You May Be Entitled to Compensation

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, the type of accident and the severity of your injuries will ultimately determine how much compensation you can recover. Some of the most common car accident injuries that come from a wreck include:

  • Whiplash
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis

If you have sustained any of these or another serious injury, our car accident lawyers can help you pursue full compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and all the other ways your injury has cost you.

Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Zinda Law Group, our Fort Worth car accident attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of motor vehicle cases, including:

No matter the type of crash that caused your injury, our car accident lawyers have the knowledge and resources necessary to help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.


If you have been injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for financial compensation. By speaking with one of our experienced Fort Worth car accident attorneys, you can begin to seek the retribution you deserve for your injuries.

Our auto accident attorneys have helped thousands of clients get their lives back on track after suffering a car accident. A nationally recognized law firm, we have been featured by ForbesThe Huffington Post, Super Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Club, Three Best Rated®, and other prestigious publications and organizations.

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What to Do After a Fort Worth Car Accident

Being injured in a car accident is scary and stressful. Things move quickly, and it’s very easy to make mistakes that could compromise your settlement. Here are the top five things you should do after a motor vehicle wreck:

  • Get medical attention. The most important thing to do after an accident is to ensure everyone is safe and to get help for anyone who is hurt. Even if you think you are all right, it is still best to see a doctor, as the shock that follows a wreck can often mask symptoms of injuries. A skilled medical professional will be able to not only diagnose any injuries but also create an official record that could help you later if you decide to pursue a claim.
  • Take accurate notes about the incident. Within a few days or weeks, you’ll begin to forget the finer details of the incident. At the crash scene, take a few minutes to take notes of such details as the time of day, location, parties involved, and any injuries.
  • Take pictures for evidence. Pictures of vehicle damage and license plates can be very useful when you file a claim after your car accident.
  • Don’t speak to the other party’s insurance or representatives. A lawyer can explain your legal rights and options and will help you know exactly where you stand legally. Regardless of circumstance, do not admit fault for an accident.
  • Call Zinda Law Group. Don’t sign anything without speaking to a skilled personal injury attorney. Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers know the law and will work to achieve the best outcome for your case and seek the full compensation you deserve.