Ways to Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

Failure to Seek Medical Treatment

Your primary focus needs to be on identifying and treating your injuries.  A qualified physician can help you byevaluating and documenting the extent of your injuries. More importantly, they can recommend appropriate treatment for your injuries. What seems like a minor injury can become a significant problem with time and getting the treatment you need is paramount to your recovery.

If you are injured, you should seek medical treatment immediately.  Do not wait until you speak with an attorney before seeking medical treatment.  Insurance agents, judges, and juries become particularly suspicious when injured parties only seek treatment AFTER they have spoken with an attorney because it can look like you may have fabricated some or all of your injuries.

Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders, or if you disagree with them, seek another qualified opinion.  This doesn’t mean doctor-shopping, but seeking a second opinion can be warranted.  Once a plan of treatment has been decided upon, follow your doctor’s orders.  Failure to do this can make it appear that your injuries are minor or even non-existent and this can adversely impact your claim.

Using Facebook

They say you should never put anything into writing that you wouldn’t want to see published on the front page of the New York Times and this is true if you become injured.  It is especially true if you use Facebook or social media.

Because posting on Facebook has such an informal feel to it, you may not realize the ammunition that you are giving the other side or how you could be sabotaging your injury claim.  Personal information, daily activities, and photos will be used against you if possible by opposing counsel.  It really doesn’t matter what your privacy settings are –your life will become an open book either through subpoena or direct authorization from you as part of the legal process.

Posting on Facebook or social media can jeopardize your personal injury claim.  STOP posting on Facebook – this can’t be stressed enough.  And be warned: posting photos of your mountain climbing trip when you are making a claim for a back injury will definitely have an adverse effect on your claim.

Not Seeking Qualified Legal Advice

Finally, do not try to handle this yourself – seek the advice of a qualified attorney experienced in handling personal injury claims.  Our attorneys offer free consultations and can help you to determine if you have a legitimate claim and how it should be pursued.  Seeking legal advice early in your claim can help you to maneuver the legal hurdles, avoid pitfalls and achieve a better outcome. Early advice and planning can often achieve much better results.

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