What Types of Damages Are Available in a Wrongful Death Case in Fort Worth?

Losing a loved one is always difficult, and even more so when it is due to the negligence of another. In a wrongful death case in Fort Worth, the plaintiff can recover actual damages suffered. There are four basic types of damages recoverable by a wrongful death plaintiff:

  1. Pecuniary Losses;
  2. Mental Anguish;
  3. Loss of Companionship and Society; and
  4. Loss of Inheritance

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Types of Damages

Pecuniary losses are the loss of the decedent’s earning capacity, advice, counsel, services, care, maintenance, and support. Examples of these types of losses include a spouse recovering compensation for the loss of the deceased spouse’s services or for the funeral expenses actually paid by the wrongful death beneficiary.

Second, a wrongful death plaintiff can recover for mental anguish. In a Texas wrongful death case, mental anguish is the emotional pain, torment, and suffering that the plaintiff would, in reasonable probability, experience from the death of a family member.

Plaintiffs can also recover for loss of companionship and society. Companionship and society are defined as the positive benefits flowing from the love, comfort, companionship, and society the plaintiff would, in reasonable probability, have experienced if the decedent had lived. For example, a child can recover damages for the loss of companionship and society resulting from the death of a parent.

Finally, damages for the loss of inheritance are recoverable. Loss of inheritance is the present value that the decedent would, in reasonable probability, have added to the estate and left at natural death to the statutory wrongful-death beneficiaries but for the wrongful act causing the premature death.

If the plaintiff can prove that the death of the deceased was caused by the defendant’s willful act or omission or gross negligence, then exemplary damages are also recoverable.

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