7 Things to Do After a Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident

The following is a list of the seven most important steps you should take after a motorcycle wreck in Fort Worth:

  1. Immediately Clear the Road. Motorcyclists typically fall off their motorcycles after a collision with another motor vehicle. In order to avoid being hit by other vehicles, you have to clear the lane of travel immediately. Move to the side of the roadway.
  2. Call 911. No matter level of severity of the collision, you should always call 911 after a collision. Ask for the police and emergency medical services to respond to the scene. Unless you are absolutely certain that you did not suffer any injuries, you should always receive treatment from the EMTs and go to the hospital.
  3. Talk to Witnesses. Eyewitness testimony is crucial to any motor vehicle collision. If the other driver disputes liability, eyewitnesses can resolve that dispute quickly. Do not rely on the police to get the names and contact information of eyewitnesses. If you are incapable of speaking with eyewitnesses, have someone with you do so.
  4. Document the Scene. Take photographs and videos of the scene of the collision, the vehicles involved, skid marks, and any other property that is damaged.
  5. Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Speaking to an Insurance Company. Insurance companies thrive on settling personal injury claims for far less than what the claims are worth. Many insurance companies will immediately respond to the scene of a collision and offer to pay a nominal sum to victims in exchange for their signature on a liability release. If you do not know how to properly evaluate a claim, call an Fort Worth motorcycle accident attorney before you speak to an insurance company, even your own.
  6. Avoid Social Media. Never post any information on any social media account about your motorcycle collision. Insurance companies scour the internet looking for dirt on personal injury claimants. Never post anything that could be remotely embarrassing or contradict your claims. Remember, the Internet never forgets.
  7. Save Your Receipts. You are entitled to recover any out-of-pocket expenses that are reasonably related to the collision. Keep receipts for prescription medicines, mileage for doctor appointments, etc.


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