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How to Get an Automobile Crash Report in Fort Worth

Why Are Crash Reports Important?

If you have been involved in a Fort Worth car accident and are filing a claim, your insurance company is likely to inquire about obtaining a crash report, also known as a police report or accident report.

This document is very important to the investigation surrounding your case. The crash report will typically include such vital details as all the drivers involved, information about any witnesses, who was found to be at fault for the accident, time and location of the accident, and other factors.

Crash Report Fort Worth

How Do I Obtain the Crash Report from My Accident?

Only certain cities in Texas make their crash reports available online. Currently, the Fort Worth Police Department does not make them available online. You will need to retrieve it in person from the Records Section at the Police Administration building. Accident reports are available for purchase at $6 per copy. Check for their hours of operation.

An alternative method of retrieving this report is to request one by mail from the Texas Department of Transportation. Fill out the appropriate request form and mail it along with the required payment to the address on the request form.

How Can a Crash Report Impact My Case?

If you are involved in a Fort Worth car accident and have the police report, it is much easier to show who was at fault for the accident. Recovering full compensation is far more likely to occur if you can prove that the other driver is at fault and caused the accident. Occasionally, the information on a crash report contains errors, but it is still important to have when filing a claim. Although these documents are not concrete, they are usually a good indication of the facts surrounding the case.

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