What’s the Value of a Dog Bite Case If My Child Sustained Facial Injuries?

Can I Be Compensated for My Child’s Medical Expenses?

Many dog bite incidents involving children result in facial injuries. Immediately after a dog mauling, your child likely required medical attention. Depending on the circumstances, your child might have needed painful preventative rabies treatment, stitches or surgery, skin grafts or debridement, or even costly plastic surgery. If complications arose from the dog bite, your child might have needed treatment for skin and tissue infections.

For facial injuries involving nerve damage, a child might need speech therapy to speak again or physical therapy to have control of their facial muscles. If your child’s eyes were involved in the attack, your child’s vision might have been impaired. He or she might need glasses, or it is possible he or she will never be able to see again.

Serious dog bites that result in these injuries can prevent your child from keeping up at school, and will likely lead to continuous financial expenses to accommodate your child’s new disability. The extent of your child’s physical injuries will affect the amount that you will be able to recover for his or her medical expenses.

Can I Be Compensated for My Child’s Pain and Suffering?

Dog bites can be very traumatic for a child. Dealing with the emotional pain of a dog attack might require therapy or even psychiatric treatment. Dog bite victims typically develop a fear of dogs and may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, both of which can have a negative impact on a child’s quality of life. However, a child whose injuries are on his or her face will likely suffer more than a child whose injuries are unnoticeable.

Scars from dog bites can often be shocking in nature. Even if your child received multiple rounds of plastic surgery, his or her appearance might be permanently altered. Your child could have to suffer throughout the entirety of their life with a facial disfigurement.

Your child might feel ashamed of his or her appearance, and people might make fun of him or her for it. This might affect his or her ability to form friendships, and unfortunately, might even affect his or her ability to marry later in life. An experienced dog bite attorney will help you navigate these sensitive issues, while also helping you seek to recover a satisfactory amount for your child’s pain and suffering.

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