Birth Injury Lawyers in Fort Worth

A birth injury can be devastating for any family. They are often caused by medical negligence or improper medical care during childbirth. The mother, child, or both may be injured. In some cases, birth injuries can be a lifetime disability sentence for the child. If brain damage or nerve damage occurs, a baby can develop cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy. Spinal cord injury or brain damage may also occur.

Brain damage can result in many severe conditions that threaten the quality of life. Your child may lose control of muscles and not be able to walk normally. Symptoms can range from a mild limp to a lifetime spent in a wheelchair. Injuries like these require specialized care.

It can be tragic for your whole family to learn that the birth injury could have been prevented. Whether the negligence occurred before, during, or after the birth of your child, improper medical care should not be tolerated. Cases like this require fast action on the part of the family. Evidence can be lost and witnesses may disappear or claim they can’t remember what happened.

The Texas legal system is quite complex and some cases are harder to prove than others. That’s why you need experienced Fort Worth birth injury lawyers on your side. Zinda Law Group PLLC has been helping people in Fort Worth resolve complicated legal matters for years. Our staff and lawyers are compassionate amd well-versed in the Texas birth injury laws. We have the experience and resources to handle birth injury cases.

We urge you to call today and speak with our Fort Worth birth injury lawyers. We will begin an investigation right away into the details of the case and find out what happened. If negligence is uncovered, a settlement can help you and your family with the mounting medical bills and ongoing costs of care for your child.

Call us for your free consultation. One of our birth accident attorneys can sit down with you and review the elements of the case and advise you about taking legal action. You’re under no obligation to choose Zinda Law Group PLLC to represent your case. We’re here to assist you in making an informed decision. Our attorneys are highly skilled, compassionate and we understand what you family may be going through.

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